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Driven to Spend: Pumping Dollars Out (PDF)
Losing Ground: The Rising Costs of Housing and Transportation
Come what may, 'I will continue to drive my car'
Save Energy and Protect Air Quality: Ride the Bus (PDF)

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The article library contains information and published opinions related to Metro Transit's present and future situation.

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Monthly Madison Commons Column
Community Costs and Benefits
(1) Summary of Public Funding, Economic Development, Social Justice, Public Health, Quality of Life, Elimination of Bus Stops
(2) Car Insurance, Bus Wraps, Bus Shelters, Snow Clearance, Stroller Policy
(3) More on Bus Stop Placement, Speeding up Buses by Giving them the Right of Way, Other Ways to Speed Up Bus Travel
Federal Commuter Choice Program, Local Programs
Carbon footprint, Green technology
Fares and Funding
(1) The latest situation
(2) More on Fare Hike of 2008-2009
(3) Hike of 2005-2006
Fuel Technologies
Biodiesel, Hybrids, Hydrogen, More
Seniors and Disabled People
Transportation for Senior Citizens, Bus Stop Accessibility, Opinion
Household Costs and Benefits
Housing Affordability, Pay-As-You Drive Car Insurance
Metro Transit
(1) Basic Information, Miscellaneous
(2) Compensation, Snow Policy, Opinion
(3) Metro 2007-2010
(4) Metro through 2006
Regional Transit
(1) Main 1: Need for Regional System & Rapid Buses
(2) Main 2: Intercity Terminal, Outside Madison
Routing and Levels of Service
(1) From 2015
(2) From 2008 to 2014
(3) From 2006 to 2008
Safety At Transfer Points, Drunk Driving, Cameras
Transit-friendly Planning and Development
(1) General, Our Future,
     Transportation Demand Management

(2) Transfer Points, Long-range Planning
General, City of Madison, MATC, Opinion