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Additional Documents
Bylaws (PDF)
Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)
BRT Resolution - Adopted June 2008 (PDF)

Board Members:

Bruce Wilson
Royce Williams
Tim Wong
Melanie Foxcroft
Michael Barrett, VP
Susan De Vos, President

Ex-officio: Eric Goodman
          Michael Cechvala

About (B)Us

Madison Area Bus Advocates was formed to provide an independent citizen voice on bus transit issues in the Greater Madison Area. Our vision is of an expanded and improved urban and regional bus system, serving more people, places, and trips throughout the greater Madison area. We are incorporated in the State of Wisconsin and have Federal nonprofit [501(c)(3)] status. We engage in research, education, partnership and advocacy.

  • We research issues of bus system finance, fuel-efficiency, technology, regulation, and successful transit practices elsewhere.

  • We educate the community and its leaders about the value of good bus service, about strategies for improving bus service, and about local transit policies and plans.

  • We partner with local environmental, neighborhood, business, and civic groups to advance a strong pro-bus agenda.

  • We advocate by providing an organized pro-bus citizen voice in public arenas where bus policy is set.
  • We believe that good public transit supports the dignity and freedom of all individuals, creates an open, hospitable and welcoming community, respects the environment, opens economic opportunity to all and moves people to where they need to go. A variety of transportation options, including good bus service, needs to be available in the greater Madison area so people and businesses can choose a transportation mode that considers convenience, time, health, safety and cost. We want an expanded and improved system that includes better transit options within the city of Madison itself.

    Maintaining and improving the quality of service challenges us on many fronts, and our hope is that we can inform debates on all transit related subjects from social justice to environmental issues. Madison Area Bus Advocates wants:

    1. Frequent service on key routes
    2. Affordable fares
    3. Improved passenger amenities (shelters, signage, information)
    4. Environmental sustainability
    5. A regional approach to funding and service
    6. Fiscally-sound investment
    7. More innovative marketing
    8. A transit-supportive legislative agenda
    9. Aggressive pursuit of additional revenue

    Maintaining service should receive the highest priority and any changes must be based on clearly articulated standards developed prior to the emergence of a crisis. Madison Area Bus Advocates continues to press for a better bus system and encourages all citizens to join in our efforts to improve the community we hold dear.


    To engage in research, education, partnership, and advocacy with the goals of increasing bus ridership, expanding bus service, and improving the bus system as an efficient, clean, convenient, and affordable means of travel in the greater Madison area.