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Possible Research Topics - Madison Area Bus Advocates


Reports should always have a summary limited to a page and it should recommend an action relevant to the Madison Area.

  1. The per person investment in roads vs. mass transit etc. on the municipal, state and federal levels for a resident of Madison and for a resident of Dane county.
  2. Policy analysis of the economic costs of Madison being in a poor Air Quality area relative to the cost of having improved bus service.
  3. Explain the dual nature of municipal, county, state and federal budgets and how Metro’s operational costs are part of one whereas road construction etc. is part of another. How does this affect the bus system?
  4. Transportation and economic development.
  5. Transportation and housing.
  6. Policy analysis of restricting parking funds to pay for parking structures the way the City does, compared to a policy that would enable parking funds to help fund transit use the way the UW does.
  7. Legal and policy issues surrounding the existence of a regional transit authority with taxing authority (this could help form the basis of a bill on the state level)
  8. Policy analysis of statewide reciprocity – having a transit pass that would be honored throughout the State.
  9. An outline of some “best practices” in other locales that Metro might try to emulate. Some of the innovations on the international scene that Metro might try to adopt.
  10. Policy analysis of what other cities do regarding issues such as 1) bar closings; 2) special events such as football games; 3) connection between parking and buses; 4) transportation options of elderly people; 5) transportation options of disabled people; with the ultimate goal that Metro services could be improved here.
  11. Evaluation of various fuel technologies such as low sulfur diesel (what is used now), hybrid, solar and hydrogen.
  12. Political analysis (including a “Transit Supportive Report Card”) of local, County, State, and Federal officials re. mass transit in general, the bus system and a Regional Transit Authority. This would include what their priorities are regarding allocating funds for mass transit relative to other considerations. (Some often seem to talk out of both sides of their mouths.)
  13. Analyze the feasibility of local area circulator service in city districts --- such as a west side circle that would connect shopping, homes, offices, etc in a continuous, convenient loop…. Smaller buses could be used.
  14. Cost/benefit analysis of a Dane County or South Central Wisconsin Regional Transit Authority vs. the cost/benefit of a household in *this area* having to own one, two or more cars (includes a comparison of relevant tax assessments vs. the cost of a car)
  15. Analyze this: What if there were several high density cores instead of just the downtown? Since there is a lot of growth at the edges, it may make sense to designate an eastern and western core. These could be by East Town and West Town, and would allow some tall high value buildings with views toward the downtown and isthmus. Having 2 strong cores to either side of the existing center would strengthen transit use on both sides of town and between the 3 large nodes.
  16. The role, costs and benefits of buses in a larger mass transit system, including the pros and cons of bus rapid transit, with special focus on the Greater Madison Area.
  17. Suggest something else

Send communications to: info@busadvocates.org
phone: (608) 265-9057

July 23, 2006-July, 2010