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Top 5 Things Businesses Can Do

  1. Provide patrons with up-to-date bus stop, schedule and route information when asked (many buses such as the 38 only run Monday through Friday during the morning and afternoon rush hours of the academic year, and routes and stops this year may not be the same as last year);

  2. Put walking, bicycling, and bus information on your website.

  3. Participate in Metro's CommuteCard program available to employees of small business and nonprofits, not just large institutions. The CommuteCard is a year-long unlimited ride pass that is reimbursed at $1.25/ride (no transfer), and can be used periodically or daily. Please go to www.cityofmadison.com/metro/fares/commutecard.cfm for more information. Contact Jessy Stammer at 266-6545 or jstammer@cityofmadison.com to pursue matters further.

  4. Show the community you care by being a visible sales outlet. For information on being a Metro sales outlet go to www.cityofmadison.com/Metro/fares/salesoutlets/becomeoutlet.cfm.

  5. Join Madison Area Bus Advocates in our effort to improve the bus as a safe, efficient, clean, convenient, and affordable means of travel throughout the greater Madison area. Encourage and empower others as well.